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555 37th Street
Richmond, CA 94805

Phone: (510) 232-7896
Email: htrinity@sbcglobal.net

Service Times
Sunday: 10:00 am
Holy Communion, with Music, in English

Sunday: 12:30 noon
Godly Play for children ages 3 ½ and older
(Find out more about Godly Play)

Sunday: 12:30 noon
Santa Comunión, en español

Feast Day Services as announced

Confessions heard seasonally or by appointment

Spiritual But Not Religious Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
How would you describe yourself? Spiritual but not religious? A “believer” but not a fanatic? Does religion tend to be a private thing with you? Maybe you’re curious or even intrigued by faith of whatever religion – (Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Native American, or Mysticism) and with those who practice it, but for whatever reason you shy away from joining.

“I’m not a joiner”, you may say? Perhaps you’re attracted to the teachings of Jesus, but have been disappointed with the hypocrisy or the politics of those who profess to follow Him.

Maybe you wonder if there’s really a need for religion. Maybe you wonder: “Is there really a God? If Jesus exists, how is He relevant to me?” But sometimes do you wonder if there is something more to all this? Maybe you ask yourself, "How can this aching emptiness inside me be filled?"

You’re Not Alone. You may not know it, but there are thousands of people in the Bay Area just like you. How do we know? Because we are some of them – and we have gathered together at Holy Trinity / La Santisima Trinidad Episcopal Church because God, Jesus, and the beauty, mysticism and broad-mindedness of the Episcopal Church have touched and healed our souls. We aren’t perfect, but we are on the journey. Come and see.

For some, faith stems from a crisis, and for others it may simply begin with curiosity: Who is this guy whose life splits our calendar from BC to AD? What does he have to offer my life? What makes him different from the countless others? Come and see.

If the words: purpose, meditation, joyful belonging and meaning sound attractive to you, but you’re reluctant to “join” some church, that’s okay. Jesus’ invitation doesn’t have forms to fill out or classes to take – it just begins with small steps in a journey. Come and see.

If we at Holy Trinity  / La Santisima Trinidad could help in any way to be a part of that journey, that’s what we’re here for. Feel free to stop by any Sunday at the 10 AM, or contact us with your thoughts and questions.

Phone: (510) 232-7896
E-mail: htrinity@sbcglobal.net